RMA Republic Design by Ray Wong Huang Yongcai was founded in 2013, based on the architecture, space, interior, product design industry, determined to use the philosophy of thinking system, the international design language, gathered alone thinking, together to create the ultimate design work and Experience, we are the traditional design industry silence of the jailbreak, is the new sensual ocean pirate ship

RMA共和都市设计由 Ray Wong 黄永才于 2013 年创立,立足建筑、空间、室内、产品设计行业,立志用哲学的思考体系、国际化的设计语言,聚集孤独者的思考,共同创造极致的设计作品和体验,我们是传统设计行业沉默的越狱者,是新感官海洋的海盗船,打破旧观念和一沉不变的套路,带来全新的设计震撼。

Founder    Creative Director

創辦人          创意总监

Ray Wong 黃永才

"Perfect is bound"


Advocate the design of the revolutionary senses of the devil. In the CG creation, design performance field 10 years after the cross-border, become a sudden emergence of the design star. But he never defines himself as a designer, and more like a living observer, director of space, In the "standardization" and Imitation" into the design of the rivers and lakes, his pioneer, original design can bring the art of sensory stimulation.

粜尚思想革命感官的設計鬼才。在CG 創作. 設計表現领域10 年跨界之後,水到渠成, 成爲异軍突起的設針力量。 但他從不定義自己是設計師,而更像是一個生活的觀察者、空間的導演。 在“標準化” “模仿” 成風的設計江湖,他先鋒性、原创性的設計却能同時帶來藝術般的感官刺激.

Awards 團隊榮譽